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Dual Diagnosis In Alcoholics Individuals
09.11.2016 23:02

Typical Co-Occurring Disorders

Symptoms of common co-occurring disorders

The mental health issues that most regularly co-occur with drug abuse are depression, anxiety disorders, and bipolar effective disorder.

Prevalent signs of depression

Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

Lack of interest in everyday tasks

Failure to feel joy

Appetite or body weight changes Sleep alterations

Lack of energy

Unyielding sentiments of insignificance or guilt

Concentration problems

Anger, bodily pain, and ill-advised conduct (especially in men).

Typical symptoms of mania in bipolar illness.

Emotions of ecstasy or severe irritability.

Nonrealistic, grand expectations.

Diminished need for sleep.

Escalated energy.

Rapid speaking and racing thoughts.

Reduced judgment and impulse control.


Anger or rage.

Standard symptoms of anxiety.

Severe pressure and emotional distress.

Feeling restless or jumpy.

Irritability or feeling "uneasy".

Racing heart or lack of breath.

Nausea, trembling, or dizziness.

Muscle group tension, headaches.

Trouble focusing.

Sleep problems.

stop drinking alcohol


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